THE COUNTING KINGDOM ‘You Win!’ message box

Early version of the You Win box

Too bad, how sad

Fanfare boxes for victory

Various menu screen panels

trophy designs

Unlocked new area screen

In game UI

World Map shit with banners

Selection UI

ELEGY FOR A DEAD WORLD Entering portal menu.

Finding prompt menu

In game writing shot

End of level portal design

Reading mode

Reading mode graphics

Reading mode mockup

Other reading mode ideas

Steam icons

‘prompt alert’ sketches

Player typing ring levels

Credit screen with kickstarter backer list

GIRLS LIKE ROBOTS, all puzzle pieces had to reflect their emotions and be readable by the player.

Menu screen mockups

World map

Dialogue box sketches

‘Fat Hand’ font created for GIRLS LIKE ROBOTS

Start menu and ‘heart’ screen

Tutorial screen

Four Sounds One Word app redesign mockup

Jungle Rumble gameplay flow mockups

Beat meter ideas

4 step pie beat meter mockup

coconut designs

Monkey speech bubbles